what is prayer?

Prayer is the way through which any man or woman can speak with our God
My friend whenever you need a miracle or whenever you want to speak with God you can say a prayer.

prayer is not a difficult one and many say “I do not know how to pray” but just think:

‘you are having a problem and you share your problems with your close friend or your dearest in your family; you will speak so freely and tell all your burdens to them’

similarly you can speak to God, your Father, but there are few difference between sharing your problems with man and with God

  • you cannot trust man fully but you can trust God :you have your privacy
  • man can speak about you and at times use that problems for their need;but your God listens to your heart cry and help you without any criticism
  • man cannot solve your problem but God can solve your problems and make you happy

God will fight for you my dear friend;


God will heal your diseases;forgive your sins,helps you in your trouble;

prayer can change things; but what you must need is:

pray :…..with;

  • humble spirit
  • thankful spirit
  • belief in Jesus Christ
  • surrendering yourself to God
  • Reading your bible everyday and night




Jesus loves you….

Pray with faith and constantly.
















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