David: The man after God’s own heart

David was a shepherd boy he was 8th son of Jesse and the youngest amongst his brothers.

David was chosen as the king of Israel by God he worshipped God with all his heart soul and mind;while he was taking care of his small herd once a bear and another time a lion came and took a sheep but David did not care about his own life he ran after that beasts and killed it and saved his sheep                                                                                                                                                       david_praiseDavid was a best song writer and a singer and a best musician during his lifetime. Yes though he was a shepherd looking after his flock all through the day and night in wilderness he spent his time with his God and also he was meditating God’s words david_young_david2.jpg

So God wanted to lift David to higher position in this whole earth do you know what God did for that?

He chose David as the King of Israel and do not forget king of israel means a king for the whole world because our God has spoken about israel more than any other place on the earth                                                                                                        king-david-harston_1327702_inl.jpg

David was chosen and anointed by God through prophet Samuel as king and ruler over Israel but he was introduced to them in 3 different situations by God.

  • David was introduced to Prophet Samuel first by God himself31118_000_029_09.jpg
  • David was introduced to Saul through his servants                                                                                                  images (2).jpg
  • David was introduced to the whole land of Israel through the fight between David and goliath                                                                                                                                                             images (1).jpg

David was the best choice of God; yes he was full of worship and praise to his God and he was lifted to higher position of the world through God

when you have a heart full of praise and worship you will be after God’s own heart never forget the rule of life: “our God is worthy to be praised”

Just think about ancient days when there was a time of reign of kings in this world in the king’s palace there were many singers who would sing about their king and praise him for his works and they will write poems and songs about their king’s achievements and accomplishments and they were rewarded for it.

how much more we must worship our God who is eternal when compared to these kings of flesh

our God is the king of kings and lord of lords so we must also praise our God it is very much important….


Are  u  after God’s own heart?


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