Where is your heart…?


Hi ma dear friends 

Love is what every individual expects.  when you wakeup from sleep; you have a fresh heart and clear mind because God gave a new start in your life, it’s a new day with many hopes and expectations; but, we spoil the day before it actually gets started; by thinking about the problems that you are going to have, people whom you will be meeting that day, projects that you should have finished that day; yes, a day will never be good unless you start it with Christ; in bible reading, prayer, praise and worship

well now say where does your heart lies?

whom does your heart seek?

what is your heart longing for?

there may be times, when you would have loved your friends truly but they didn’t love you ;at times like that you may feel frustrated, isolated, forgotten, mocked and everything surrounding you is so different,but one thing you should remember, every person is different in this world, they are unique and they can’t love you more than certain limits.

Did you know? Jesus loves you more than you expect, more than you love him, more than anyone loves you;

when you see Jesus on the cross, nailed both his hands and legs, crown of thorns on his head and his dress was removed, he cannot lie on the cross to rest, because he was scourged on his back with whip for 39 times, he was in great agony, great pain with humility.


on his way to Calvary Jesus carried his cross on his shoulders ; blood oozes out from ever part of his body.download

Jesus did not hesitate to do this;even when you sinned against him; failed him in every situation he came near you; Jesus did not forsake you, HE loves you truly, He follows you, he is with you forever; it does not matter whether you recognize him or not, he is with you always.

My friends ask yourself where is my heart today?

Is it in Jesus or is it still searching for love?

Go to Cross you will know everything about God’s love

will you do it todaydownload (1)

Please take your bible and read it

it is the letter from jesus

pray to him tell him your hearts desire he is enough for you

praise him for his loving kindness

Jesus loves you…

song :

I love this song do you want to read it:

Here you go….

“You hide, I want to find you

Go, and I will follow you

I want to be where you are

As You move, I’m right beside you, love

Oh, I’m running after you

I want to be where You are

I’m Chasing You, I’m so in love

Captivated, I just can’t get enough

I’ll spend my days, Running after Your heart

Your heart, Your heart, Whoa

I’m Chasing You, with all my love

Captivated, I just can’t get enough

I’ll spend my days, Running after Your heart

Your heart, Your heart, WhoaHeart, You’ve won me heart and soul

And where You lead I’ll go

I want to be where You are

From the moment I rise to the moment I sleep

My affection is for you, and even as I dream

I want to know you, I’m after Your heart

This life, this love, was always meant to be

A wild, crazy adventure discovering

The thrill, the rush, the more of You I see

The more it leaves me wanting

You’re everything

You’re everything”


Now tell me where is your heart?…

(Jesus It isn’t much but its all i have 

i give my heart to you Lord Jesus…..)


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