Be yourself!!!

It is difficult to be real; I am sure of this.

Sometimes we may be in sorrow but we won’t show it and disguise ourselves in the peak of happiness,even if we cry, we will hide it from others 

This happens; but God sees your tears he will surely wipe them away 


You have taken account of my wanderings; Put my tears in Your bottle. Are they not recorded in Your book?

But mostly, it is very difficult to be real, if one is a christian.Do you agree with me?

  1. Because, once we know the love of god and we accept Christ as our savior we need to start a new life the past is gone and the new has come; but sometimes people feel it really challenging to live a life of testimony before their family,friends,at work etc.
  2. And some people wants their family and friends to know christ and God’s love so they will try to expose themselves as a holy one before others eyes,but the truth is they may not have fully overcome some sins but yet they will wear the mask of holy person and degrade others and judge them.
  3. Also we tend to be so much religious and separate yourself from others even family and friends to show that we are not like them we are different and they don’t have faith /belief in God but I have; so this thought  turns into pride.

Once Dr.Billy Graham told this story in one of his sermons:


A young man had no job and he struggled to make his living; so he went to the zoo and asked about the job vacancies.MAN

They told him there was a big gorilla in that zoo but it died so they have its fur and if the boy wants any job they said you should wear it and perform some show in the zoo

With no other hope the boy accepted it



He used to wear the gorilla skin and roam in the zoo thereby entertaining people and sometimes they will put him inside a cage and he will act as a gorilla




One day when he was put in the cage; he stepped backwards and he heard some noise so he turned back and saw a lion standing ready to bounce on him So the boy got frightened he started to shout HELP! HELP! HELP!

But the lion suddenly said, “Hey stop shouting or they will quit both of us from the job”

Likewise we too wear masks in our day-to-day life

But God created you unique a very peculiar one 

There is no Copy of you can be found anywhere in the whole world

You were made by God himself

Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex!
    Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it.  Psalms:139:14

  • Know one thing God knows who you are 

  • He knows your name

  • your strength your weakness

  • your love for him

  • You can cheat men/women

  • but cannot cheat God; who lives in your heart

  • Be real! Be you !

  • That is what God expects from us 

  •  A truthful life before God and men/women


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