who can help me?

what should I do now? who will be with me in this situation? where can I look for a help? who can help me? how will I get out of this situation. If alone someone helps me; I will be able to live;if my life is reset again; it would be good. like these, there were... Continue Reading →

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God became man; why?

Majestic mighty God became a normal man   Upright God became a sacrifice for us To forgive us,God's love should be poured, He died as the sacrifice that Caiaphas rejected   Majestic mighty God became a normal man     To renew the uncorrupted love of God that was in the beautiful Garden of Eden  ... Continue Reading →

Merciful Jesus Christ

See our merciful God carries our burden on the cross from  Jerusalem to Golgotha   The sound of his cry is echoed everywhere from Gethsemane It makes our heart melt and tremble   Seven words that our saviour  spoke on that middle cross devil hears it and he was tormented

Sister.Aimee semple mcpherson-3

Promised Land: Weary of having no place to raise a family, Sister Aimee rejoiced when, in 1918, she heard God instruct her to go to Los Angeles. God told her He would build her a house in Los Angeles and He did, but really He built two houses—one for her family and one for His... Continue Reading →

Sis.Aimee semple mcpherson-2

Denial to preach the word of God: Aimee and Roberta lived in New York with Aimee’s mother, Minnie Kennedy, and assisted her in raising money for the Salvation Army. It was there that Aimee met and married a Christian businessman named Harold McPherson. They had a son, Rolf Kennedy McPherson, and Aimee tried to settle... Continue Reading →

“Good for evil” than ‘tit for tat’

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. ( Romans 12:21) In this world, it is difficult to win over or overcome 'enmity'. Several years ago, there lived a very famous Russian writer named Leo Tolstoy. People enjoyed reading his writings. 'War and Peace' is a well-known story written by him. In... Continue Reading →

Aimee semple mcpherson-1

Aimee semple McPherson Born: October 9, 1890 Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada  Died: September 27, 1944 Oakland, California  Canadian-born American evangelist Amy as a Child : Aimee semple McPherson was born Aimee Elizabeth Kennedy on a farm in Salford, Ontario, Canada. Her father, James Morgan Kennedy, was a struggling farmer. Her mother, Mildred "Minnie" Pearce was a former member... Continue Reading →

True Friend

World celebrates The best day "Friendship day" I hope the reader would have wished their best friend 🙂 Wait a minute here; How many people in your life had been your friends; may be you could count them, but can you tell me one best and trusted friend at all circumstances and at all areas... Continue Reading →

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