what do you think about the cross?

reply below i just want to know your thoughts on this topic to answer this question you may not be a christian but all i need is your thoughts thank you  

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who can help me?

what should I do now? who will be with me in this situation? where can I look for a help? who can help me? how will I get out of this situation. If alone someone helps me; I will be able to live;if my life is reset again; it would be good. like these, there were... Continue Reading →

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O God, Omnipotent…

All powerful and unseen, One God in three persons Trinity in spirit and full of Joy, How can I, thy servant  be saved from my sins My father, without thee who shall be my companion and kin            1. when I wallow in my transgressions            ... Continue Reading →


    Family: God blessed Dr.D.G.S.Dhinakaran family he and his wife Dr.Stella had 2 children Paul and Evangeline. PUBLIC MEETING: His experience of the love of Jesus was so profound in his own life that he never waited for an opportunity – every street and every moment was an opportunity to him! That was in... Continue Reading →

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