what do you think about the cross?

reply below i just want to know your thoughts on this topic to answer this question you may not be a christian but all i need is your thoughts thank you  

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who can help me?

what should I do now? who will be with me in this situation? where can I look for a help? who can help me? how will I get out of this situation. If alone someone helps me; I will be able to live;if my life is reset again; it would be good. like these, there were... Continue Reading →

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Never doubt whether Jesus is with you

Never ever doubt my friend is Jesus with me He has promised I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU NOR FORSAKE YOU The God who still remembers and fulfills the promise which He made with Abraham is the same God who tells you Fear not for I am with you Hallelujah 🙂

Jesus believes you

Many times your friends don't believe you Maybe your family didn't believe you But my friend Jesus believes you He sees your heart that cannot be seen by men God loves you even now he believes that you will love Him and trust him Never be discouraged 🙂

Master, O Master

My Master and King Jesus My thoughts and my desire is to do your will. Master O Master, My King Jesus 1.I am living for you    I love you alone   You purchased me sacrificing yourself   And open the heavens     2.I will run and work for you    All the days... Continue Reading →

Evangelist Evan Roberts (Welsh revival)

Born in Loughor, Wales, June 8th 1878 Evan Roberts was the younger of two sons born to Henry and Hannah Roberts Early days: Evan Roberts was born on June 8th 1878 at Island House, near the banks of the River Loughor. His parents Henry and Hannah Roberts were committed Christians. They attended Moriah Chapel on Sundays and... Continue Reading →

Lord of compassion, Lord dear Jesus

Lord of compassion, Lord dear Jesus I will praise you and worship you with all my heart  1.Surely you took up our pain     and bore our suffering,Lord you are good and you are almighty God there is no end for your mercy  there is no measurement for your love they are new every morning Lord... Continue Reading →

Free to give but hard to take

Is there anything like Free to give to anyone at any time at any place but really hard to take from any one at anytime and at any place? Advice :    guidance or recommendations offered with regard to prudent action. In our world today even a child can give advice to any adult  But what... Continue Reading →

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