what do you think about the cross?

reply below i just want to know your thoughts on this topic to answer this question you may not be a christian but all i need is your thoughts thank you  

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who can help me?

what should I do now? who will be with me in this situation? where can I look for a help? who can help me? how will I get out of this situation. If alone someone helps me; I will be able to live;if my life is reset again; it would be good. like these, there were... Continue Reading →

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Letter to Jesus

From (Your name) To Jesus Christ Dear Jesus,  sub: To thank you and describe your love We just want to thank you dear Jesus because you was the same for us all through our life, your love was constant and true and it had never failed us we can't describe the love you have for... Continue Reading →

It’s good to be silent (sometimes)

My friends may God bless you and protect you  Today's topic is : It's good to be silent  Sometimes we need to shut our mouth and our emotions/ our feelings so that God can take control of that situation. My friend as you know when we speak some words or at some situation it could... Continue Reading →

Use what fits you

Being like a star or to be liked by every one could be our desire but God wanted each one of us to be ourself  and to be what He created us and to fulfill His will My friend when we read about David the Bible says God was training him not only to protect... Continue Reading →

A sinners Poem

 If we say we don't have any sins    we are cheating ourselves   but if we confess our sins to Him   He will forgive us and give us a brand new life

Thank you Jesus

How many miracles you have done in my life  How will I give thanks to you Thank you Jesus -(2) 1.You remembered us in our lowly condition with loving kindness    Lord I praise You 2.You never chase me away in my weakness     but you strengthened me Lord 3.I was dead in sins   ... Continue Reading →

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