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The God who protects: Beloved of God – 3

Continuing from the 2nd part …

The husband got promoted with a transfer to a distant village.

So, the family went to a distant village where they dont have any relatives or friends.

While working there, one day the family prayed their morning prayer, and then as usual the husband took his bicycle to go to his office.

It must have been only 10 or 15 minutes, there was a knock at the door.

The children and his wife opened it, there stood a man who introduced himself, as a coworker with her husband and he said, “mam, sir had an accident please come with me.”

Not knowing the serious situation they all went with him, they had no money and no mobile phone, and a shopkeeper near their home saw what was happening, he followed them on his bicycle.

On their way, they saw a huge crowd surrounding a place where blood was shed, then only, the wife and the two children realized it was a big accident and they all cried aloud. They came to know there was a lorry (truck) that hit her husband when he was driving down the bridge near the market place.

When they reached the hospital, the husband was murmuring semi-consciously, “please take care of my wife and my children”, he was given some first aid and he was lying down on a stretcher, there were many people surrounding them, the family was in tears.

The manager of the bank where the husband was working, declared a holiday for the bank, and with many coworkers, he came to the hospital.

it was a Saturday morning so, there were no duty doctors in that hospital, hence they told the wife to take him to Chennai, the metropolitan city of that state, for further treatment.

So, they took him first to a nearby town to make proper first aids and to take some tests.

Therewith the help from the shopkeeper, the wife, and the children made a phone call from a public booth to the prayer warriors (the only number they remembered at that time- prayer warriors attend the calls randomly so the caller does not know who prays for them, they pray on the behalf of that person for 24 hrs.)

The woman who attended the call prayed with tears and stood as an intercessor for that family which she has never seen and prayed to God.

Then the wife and the children saw a doctor testing the husband inside the town hospital, the doctor was asking some questions and the husband was answering him with his eyes closed, subconscious state.

The wife ran to the doctor she asked him, “sir, will he be made well, did he hurt his head? is there any inside injury?”

The doctor said with a smile, “mam, your God has heard your prayers, if he was injured in his head, he won’t be talking to me like this, only his left ear is cut because of the central rotating rod under the lorry, but there is no inside injury, so don’t worry the God whom you worship has not forsaken you, he will recover soon.”

These words comforted them.

Then they took him to the ambulance, to take him to the Chennai hospital, but then only, the male nurses found that he had an injury on his back, they tried to remove his shirt to see it, but it was stuck to his flesh, so they brought the scissors and cut the dress and then they found the big injury on his back, it was caused by the lorry it dragged him almost 1-kilometre distance and the stones and rocks from the road tore his skin and stuck to it, he was screaming in pain.

So they gave a first aid to him and then they all started to chennai.

On their way to Chennai, they crossed a church where the loudspeaker was singing about the crucifixion of Christ, and exactly at that moment, the husband came to his consciousness, he spoke to his wife and his children who were with him in that ambulance.

God healed him within a few months, and the family praised God for saving the husband’s life.

After coming home the husband explained what had happened to him on the day of the accident, he said, when he saw he was under the moving vehicle, he saw the wheels spinning very fast near his head and he shouted “Jesus please save me”.

Only when he said this the vehicle stopped, until that time the truck driver did not stop the vehicle, even though he know he hit a man and he was under the truck, because the truck had no brakes, but the people seeing someone is under the truck shouted and made him stop the truck, to take the husband out, then he went unconscious.

People took him out and were surrounding him, this caused a traffic jam in that spot, but no one did anything to call the ambulance.

By the grace of God, miraculously, a coworker with the husband was travelling in an autorickshaw, he also came forward to see what happened, but on recognizing the face, he called the ambulance and he sent news to other workers and they informed it to the wife and the children.

Later the coworker testified to the husband saying, “It was not my regular way to come to the office, but on that particular day, I decided to take the autorickshaw and to come through this particular way” and the family understood God has sent His angels and helped them.

Now the husband and his wife with their children are living happily by the grace of God.

All the honor and the praise and the power and the glory be to God.

The God who heals: Beloved of God – 2

Praise the Lord

continued from the previous episode…

When she(the mother of that child) was in her teenage(before marriage) she had paralysis; from waist to her legs were paralyzed.

The doctors checked her but they cannot find what was the root cause for this paralysis they suspected many problems, and so they just prescribed her some vitamins but yet she was not recovering.

She belongs to a heathen family(nonchristian), yet her mother had faith in Jesus and so she used to teach her daughter how to pray and how to fast.

Before this paralyzing attack, she was an energetic child and also she obeyed her parents and she fasted and prayed to Jesus every day.

But when she had paralysis she was discouraged, imagine a teenage girl lying on her hospital bed, cannot move her legs nor can she take care of herself, she is now dependent on someone even for her basic needs, she was crying every day and night, doctors were not able to find the root cause and so there was no formal treatment being given to her, she was kept aside by doctors.

One day a missionary who visits hospitals to pray for the sick came by her bed, he asked her name but she refused to speak with him, because she thought,”I really fasted and prayed to this Jesus, but now I am admitted in this hospital, why should Jesus do this to me?”

But still, that missionary, whose name she never knew and also she never knew from where he has come(he looked like a foreigner), used to come to her ward and stand by her bedside and pray for her health.

Then one day the doctors found that she had tuberculosis germs in one of her backbones because of some external accident her bone had been injured and the germs were now developing there and also her blood flow has been stopped to her lower part of the body; when they found this by God’s grace they accepted to operate her.

A new hope has born in her heart and in her family. Now only she remembered many days before, she actually fell from the staircase in her school and she had no clue that her backbone was broken, only when the doctors inquired her, whether she remembers having an accident, she was able to remember this.

The doctors asked her family to get her ready for the operation on a particular date.

This time when the missionary came to her bed, she spoke with him and told him, “tomorrow I am having a major operation, you must come and pray for me early in the morning.”
The missionary with great love said, “I will surely come my child.”

The next day, early in the morning, even before her relatives could come he came and he prayed for her operation to be successful and she must be healed in Jesus’ name.

She was really happy and she thanked Jesus with all her heart.

Thank God Praise Him forever and ever, the operation was successful, within 3 days she was able to move her legs, she is now healed and walking and praising Jesus




God healed her because Jesus loves her, He never left her nor forsake her.

To be continued…

When I was made in secret place: Beloved of God_ ep1

Praise the Lord
This is the series of an interesting life testimony, this is 1st episode.

For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.
My frame was not hidden from you
when I was made in the secret place when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.
Your eyes saw my unformed body;
all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.
How precious to me are your thoughts, God!
How vast is the sum of them!
Were I to count them,
they would outnumber the grains of sand—
when I awake, I am still with you.

In the city of Madras, a newly wedded couple started their family life together.
They were not very poor nor very rich, in India people with such economic standards are called the middle class.
They were living on the first floor of the apartment, which had a single living room with a small kitchen and it had a restroom in common for all at downstairs.

A few months after they got married, the wife was conceived with a child and they were happy about it, the whole family was happy and was eager to see the child.
But one day when the husband went to work and the wife was cooking with a pump stove, suddenly the kerosene started to leak from the stove and spread over the countertop without her knowledge, and it caught fire.

So she tried to put it off but did not know how to off it because the stove was on full flame and the fire was spreading on the countertop.
She then remembered that her father in law who was sleeping in the living room so she went and woke him up saying, “father please put off the fire, the kerosene as started leaking and fire has spread inside”.
But he said lying on the floor, “just turn the knob in the stove to another direction”.
She went and did it but do you know what happened she has opened the tank fully and now kerosene was in full flow, with great shock and anxiety she took all the vessels which had water and started to pour it over the flame and finally the fire was stopped.
No one was harmed.
She thanked God, but she felt like she was bleeding and so she went downstairs and told the owner of the house (who was her mother’s school friend) that, she had a fire accident and she is now bleeding,
The owner of the house was also living in the same apartment and she said, ‘my dear I think you have had an abortion because of this fire accident.’
With tears and shock, she called her mother through phone and asked her to come and take care of her daughter
The husband rushed to home hearing what had happened
Everyone was crying and worried.
They went to the hospital and checked, the doctor said “your baby is unharmed.

To be continued…

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