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Holyspirit as your Friend

Hi it is such a joy to meet you all again.

Do you have a friend?

We all have friends from our neighborhood, school, office with whom we laugh with, spend time with, play and have fun.

But when we face troubles we hardly have a friend to stay with us. Some have friends like brothers and sisters we must thank God for them also. But at somepoint of time we would be feeling like ” I need someone who can understand me, know me from in me, know things that could help me and someone with whom i can share all my heart”

Holyspirit is the best friend God has given to humanity.

You can talk to Holyspirit and He will surely 100% talk with you.

You can rely on Holyspirit with your problems He will surely 100% help you.

You can share your heart with Holyspirit He will secure you and protect you 100%.

Holyspirit is none other than God Himself.

God abiding in us in the form of Lord Holsypirit.

Ask God to come into your heart today and He will become your best friend.